Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

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Now we wanted to expose it in a different context and compare significance innovative principles with the changes that have occurred by relocation in the classical and 2003 contradiction matrixes.Prior to originating of the TRIZ method, a specific problem solution was sought for by instantaneous searching for solution, by testing and rectifying unavoidable errors, which is depicted in Fig. In present-day conditions, it is obvious that such old models, coupled with good practice would function inefficiently in new environments, with significantly increased risks.In the first area, the paper describes how the original list of 39 parameters has now been increased to 50 following extensive discussions with the user community.The paper also discusses the creation of a number of company and industry-specific Matrix tools based on the mass of research data collected.In this method for creating inventions, the inventive principles matrix is the core, while advantage (plus) and disadvantage (minus) factors let you navigate the matrix. This Demonstration shows a new way by choosing multiple input parameters (advantage and disadvantage factors) to illustrate a statistical distribution for inventive principles.This method has seen continuing development; for example, the TRIZ matrix was updated and improved by D. You may use it as a tool for looking for an inventive solution from the TRIZ matrix and 40 inventive principles.

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In particular, the paper discusses the creation of a new generic Matrix aimed at technical applications.

This new Matrix updates both the form and content of the original Matrix by updating and expanding the list of parameters it contains, updating and increasing the Inventive Principle recommendations for each contradiction, and also making it easier for users to connect their specific problem to the generic framework.

Mouse over each bar to show tooltips of the inventive principles. Bourov, "Learning TRIZ through Lithography-Electronics Co-evolution," in Proceedings of the 12th International MATRIZ Conference (TRIZfest-2016), Beijing, China (V.

Snapshot 3: TRIZ matrix result with three advantage factors (3) against three disadvantage factors (3), as a case study for a wafer stage system or projection lithography in the microelectronic industry[5] L. Souchkov, ed.), Knoxville, TN: International TRIZ Association, 2016 pp.

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